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 My lovely Daughter! & Sophie our(3rd generation daughter off Neegan)

(Tayla & ginger)     I got u sucka!!!

Ginger and daughter Remy!!!

Biscuit and puppy twix having some fun!

Oreo & Nala-French bulldogs waiting to go on their daily walk.

Little Diva a product of Oreo and Nala's (late2012)

onyx-(diesel & stiletto's boy(2014) now called bentley and lives locally with the stevens family.

 Gsb's pie to the face!

 White w/Black brindle(female)-Produced by Diesel & stiletto(2014)now living in Nebraska!

  Reverse- Blue Brindle French bulldog out our own Nala/Now living with Shawn in San Fransisco ,Ca.  

Rufus living locally to us,here in southern california!

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