top of page A truly blessed Family and hobby breeder ,as We Fell in love with both french bulldogs and english bulldogs more than 2 decades ago,when we were unexpectedly visited by a relative of ours that brought their highly trained and comical french bulldog ,when they arrived to visit.It is as simple as that..we were lovestruck for the bulldog breed. We have spent countless years acquiring and ensuring the proper knowledge on daily care, AKC conformation, breeding practices and genetic specific standards.Health,Conformation and a happy well socialized puppy are equal as our #1 goals. Ensuring that all dogs are of a “Excellent Breed standard“…To meet and exceed all that is expected and desired in your new family member and or show potential puppy. Also, we only have are bullies evaluated by the top professional and bulldog specialist in the country.

Dr. Steven Butchko of Riverside county.Having more than 30 years of experience with bulldogs .Let us provide u with a bond for life,when acquiring your French bulldog or English bulldog baby from us today! 

We are expecting to expand are lines of lilac frenchies,Chocolate frenchies Merle French bulldogs be sure to check back periodically on that progress additions will be posted ...thanks for visiting and see you back here soon.

Right now ,we are producing creme frenchies , Merle frenchies, blue frenchies and Chocolate frenchies.

So if there is anything we can help you with ,don't hesitate to give us a call! or call us @ speak with a experienced french bulldog breeder!

**Want to have a litter,but don’t have the time or the necessary dedication needed to care for the French or English mom and pups. CALL TODAY!!!**We offer Nanny Service for your Bulldog Mommies..(From Palm springs To SanDiego)**

We are very willing to hand deliver to your door for a Reasonable Fee, most of the time it is less than shipping and much more relaxed ride for your new baby frogdog!.(with-in 4-6 hours one way)

**We ship out ofLos Angeles,San Diego & Ontario, California,and Certain times of the year out of Palm Springs International,California…we offer hand delivery …#1 concern is you receiving your bully healthy, safe, at minimal stress levels…**Puppies hand delivered for reasonable fee!**(west coast only at this time)

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